Introducing: 2D Crimp Technology

Introducing: 2D Crimp Technology

Our new 2D crimp technology, compared to existing crimp technologies significantly reduces the complexity of design-in, assembly, procurement and inventory management in appliances, industrial equipment and automotive applications. The innovation behind TE’s 2D crimp technology is its ability to use one terminal and a single, adjustable applicator for many different wire sizes ranging from 22 to 12AWG – while still providing electrical and mechanical reliability comparable to TE’s conventional F crimp technology. In comparison, an F crimp requires three or four terminals, with each terminal requiring its own applicator, to address that same range of wire sizes.

Product Features

  • Crimp accommodates 22-12 AWG wires
  • Only one applicator for the 2D crimp terminal
  • Only crimp height must be adjusted for different wire sizes
  • Permits the use of only one terminal instead of three or four to cover the various wire sizes, reducing the complexity of design in, procurement and inventory management when multiple wire sizes are used
  • Lower investment in application tooling and less set up time when multiple wire sizes are used
  • Applicator can be quickly adjusted when wire sizes are changed, increasing throughput and decreasing downtime
Our 2D crimp technology can reduce applicator cost and set-up time.
Melissa Stanley,
Product Management
  1. 2D Crimp Technology (English)

TE’s new 2D crimp uses one terminal and one applicator for wire ranging from 22 to 12 gauge – saving time, tooling costs and inventory.

Application Tooling

Applicator and Conversion Kit

  • One TE OCEAN applicator can apply a terminal based on 2D crimp technology to wire sizes from 22-12AWG. For customers who already have TE applicators for the F crimp, TE offers conversion kits. Each kit will consist of wire crimpers, insulation crimper and anvil. The kit will enable an existing TE applicator to be used with 2D crimp terminals and wire sizes from 22-12AWG.


Hand Tool

  • The SDE-SA hand tool can be used with appropriate SDE die sets and crimp nests to apply a terminal with 2D crimp to wire sizes from 22-12AWG for prototyping and other low volume requirements.