TE Pressure Transducer

Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

TE Connectivity (TE) is a designer and manufacturer of pressure transducers and transmitters with pressures from less than 1 PSI to 100,000 PSI.

TE manufactures pressure transducers using sensor technologies that produce accurate, repeatable results with long-term stability.  Transducers can be configured in gage, sealed gage, vacuum, absolute and differential pressures. With seven standard materials, TE pressure transducers are built to withstand the corrosive properties of many liquids and gases as well as harsh external environments. Various configurations also hold certifications to the latest international standards for use in hazardous locations. When standard products do not suffice, TE will work to design a semi-custom or custom pressure transducer to meet and exceed customer expectations.

MSP300 Industrial Pressure Transducer
M7100 Industrial Pressure Transducer
U5200 Industrial Pressure Transducer
AST20HA Industrial Pressure Transducer
FP110 Heavy Industrial Pressure Transducer
P105 Heavy Industrial Pressure Transducer
P900 Heavy Industrial Pressure Transducer
P1200 Heavy Industrial Pressure Transducer
EB100 Miniature Pressure Transducer
EPB-PW Miniature Pressure Transducer
EPRB1 Miniature Pressure Transducer
XP5 Miniature Pressure Transducer

Formula E Pressure Sensor (English)

TE Connectivity's (TE) partnership with Andretti Technologies goes beyond a logo on a car. Learn from the Andretti team how the EB100 series pressure transducer is used within the Andretti Formula E car’s gearbox.

AST4400 Hazardous Location Pressure Transducer
AST43LP Hazardous Location Pressure Transducer
AST46SW Hazardous Location Pressure Transducer
AST46DS Hazardous Location Pressure Transducer
AST5100 Differential Pressure Transducer
AST5400 Differential Pressure Transducer
AST5300 Differential Pressure Transducer
D5100 Differential Pressure Transducer
AST4510 Liquid Level Pressure Transducer
AST4530 Liquid Level Pressure Transducer
LM Liquid Level Pressure Transducer
U5700 Liquid Level Pressure Transducer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a pressure sensor, pressure transducer, and pressure transmitter?

A: Please note that these terms are often interchanged without regard to the meaning below, and that the exact definitions may differ from source to source. These are general definitions. A pressure sensor is typically a millivolt output signal, a transducer has an amplified voltage output, and a transmitter offers a 4-20mA output signal.  


Q: What does long term stability mean? How does it affect measurements?

A: Long-term stability is normally associated with the change in zero offset due to aging of component and relaxation of the metallic diaphragm over a period of time. It normally causes the zero reading to go high or low over time. Independent tests carried out have shown this number to be <.25% under the influence of temperature and pressure cycling for 1500hrs.


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