media isolated pressure sensors


TE media isolated pressure sensors are suitable for use in harsh environments of liquids or gases.

A media isolated pressure sensor measures gauge, differential or absolute pressure by isolating a silicon strain gage chip in air-evacuated oil with a stainless steel, titanium, or nickel alloy diaphragm. TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures media isolated pressure sensors for a variety of applications. Mechanically, these sensors are available with various process connections, diameters, and materials. Sensors can be configured in various pressure ranges as well as gage, vacuum gage, absolute, and differential pressure. With millivolt, analog, and digital output signals, combined pressure and temperature signals, the TE portfolio of sensors further enhances the ability to select the best option for the application.  

85 Series mV Output Pressure Sensors
85FM mV Output Pressure Sensor
89 Series mV Output Pressure Sensors
DP86 Series mV Output Pressure Sensors
86A Analog Pressure Sensor Module
U86B Analog Pressure Sensor Module
85BSD Digital Output Pressure Sensor
86BSD Digital Output Pressure Sensor
89BSD Digital Output Pressure Sensor
154BSD Digital Output Pressure Sensor