AC contactors

TE offers some of the smallest, lightest and most efficient AC contactors for harsh environment electrical power systems.

TE's AC contactors are available in multiple contact configurations, current/voltage ratings, auxiliary contact configurations, and mounting styles. TE's technical experience and range of products offers our customers the products they need that meet or exceed demanding requirements for harsh environments.

HARTMAN AC Contactors

HARTMAN AC contactors are lightweight and environmentally (gasket) sealed.  Hermetically sealed enclosures are available for the most severe environmental conditions or altitudes above 50,000 feet.  Multiple main contact configurations and auxiliary contact configurations are available.  AC contactors are designed to meet the applicable requirements of MIL-PRF-6106 and/or specific customer specification.  

KILOVAC FM200 Contactors

KILOVAC FM200 also known as "Flatman III" is available in multi-pole configurations.  These contactors are designed to be the smallest and lowest cost product of its kind in the market with its current rating.  Contact arrangements include normally open, normally closed and mixed. Standard models are available with 12VDC, 24 VDC and 115 VAC coils.  Consult factory for 240 VAC coil models.

Product Specifications

Kilovac FM200

Parameter Units Values for FM200 Series
Contact Arrangement   1,2 or 3 poles
Contact Form (per pole)   Form X or Y (NON-DM or NC-DB)
Rating Operating Voltage V 480Vms (L-L) or 480VDC
Max. Contact Voltage (transient) V 750Vms or 60VDC
Continuous (Carry) Current Ams or ADC

200/pole (Form X)

150/pole (Form Y)

Power Switching Form X (0.7-1.0 PF) Cycles

2,000 @ 300Arms

10,000 @ 200Arms

20,000 @ 100Arms

5,000 @ 200A/48VDC

2 million @ 50A/28VDC

Power Switching Form Y (0-7-1.0 PF) Cycles

2,000 @ 225Arms

10,000 @ 150Arms

20,000 @ 75Arms

5,000 @ 150A/48VDC

2 million @ 35A/28VDC

Mechanical Life Cycles >2 million
Contact Voltage Drop mV

75 for Form X or Form Y


Auxiliary Contact Arrangement   1 Form A (SPST-NO)
Auxiliary Contact Rating Arms or ADC 1 @ 30 VDC, 3 @ 125VAC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Vrms 2,200 @ sea level
Insulation Resistance @ 500VDC Megohms 100
Shock, 11ms 1/2 sine, peak  10
Vibration, sine, 10-2000Hz G 5
Operating Temperature  °C -20 to +60
Storage Temperature °C -40 to +85
Ambient Humidity %RH 0 to 95
Weight oz. / kg 17.6 - 49.4 / 0.5 - 1.4