Nuclear Power Plant

Reliability is Essential

TE's nuclear products are designed to answer the specific needs associated with protecting many of the 200,000 connections that must be made in the construction within nuclear plants. These products meet the highest of standards in order to comply with all requirements on a global level.

TE has developed a series of heat shrinkable components and kits to help seal and insulate electrical connections in nuclear power plants. Made from heavy-wall, flame retardant, crosslinked polyolefin and precoated with a nuclear-grade adhesive, these products are designed to withstand the radiation levels and temperatures that are possible inside the containment buildings of nuclear stations. Electrical connections should, as a minimum, be qualified to the same standards as the cable. TE's nuclear products are designed to perform in environments that are more severe than most 1E LOCA qualified cables and are tested beyond the design basic conditions of most nuclear power plants. Nuclear environmental qualification (EQ) for products involved compliance with industry accepted standards including IEEE 323 and IEEE 383 and other international standards.

Quality Control

TE's Raychem brand of nuclear cable accessories are designed and manufactured under quality assurance procedures that comply with the requirements of the nuclear industry worldwide. Since 1980 TE has used a quality assurance program that is in compliance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and several other national and international standards. Peer review of the design and manufacturing processes are required. TE facilities are autided by several independent audited committees including NUPIC. TE quality assurance program is in compliance with: 10CFR50, Appx. B, 10CFR21, NQA-1, ANSI N45.2, CAN3-Z299.2, and ISO-9001.

For Class IE Systems Subject to LOCA/MSLB

Product listed below are subjected to very severe LOCA/HELB test to establish its performance for a postulated nuclear accident environment. TE's nuclear products are tested beyond the design basis conditions of most nuclear power plants.

WCSF-N Cable Sleeve
The WCSF-N cable sleeve is flame retardant, heavy-wall tubing designed for nuclear application is rated at 1000 volts and is designed to electrically insulate, mechanically protect, and environmentally seal cables splices. It is internally coated with a red sealant specially formulated to withstand the nuclear environment.

NPKV – Nuclear Plant Stud Connector Kit ("V")
The NPKV stud connectors are designed to insulated and seal V-type stud connections to valves, limit switches, level switches, and instruments in small boxes or conduit outlet bodies where installation space is minimal. They can be used as a direct replacement for terminal blocks.

NPK – Splice Kit
NPK series kit is designed to provide an environmentally sealed and mechanically protected electrical splice insulating system. The splice kits individually splice and seal each insulated conductor and reconstitute the cable jacket over the splice areas to add additional protection and reliability. NPK series kits are available for all electrical penetration splicing needs:  NPKC – Control Cable, NPKP – Power Cable, and NPKS – Shielded Instrumentation Cable.

WCSF-N Cable Splice – Nuclear
Flame retardant, heavy-wall tubing – WCSF-N Cable Sleeve
NPKV stub Connector
Nuclear Plant Stub Connection – NPKV Connector
NPK Splice Kit
Nuclear Plant Splice Kit – NPK Series Kit
NMCK, Nuclear Motor Connector
NMCK – Low Voltage Motor Termination
NCBK – Nuclear Cable Breakout Kit
NCBK – Cable Breakout Kit
NESK – End Sealing Kit
NESK – End Sealing Kit
Jacket Repair and Insulating Tape
NJRT/NWRT – Jacket Repair and Insulating Tape

NMCK – Motor Connector Kit
The NMCK product line is designed for low voltage motor terminations. Kits are available in stub, in-line, "Y" and "H" configurations. The NMCK kits feature ease of installation and removal.

NCBK – Cable Breakout Kit
Nuclear cable breakout kits are designed to environmally seal cable jackets to prevent moisture migration down the cable.

NESK – End Sealing Kit
Designed to environmentally seal cable ends and spare conductors.

NJRT/NWRT – Jacket Repair and Insulating Tape
NJRT and NWRT are wraparound products which are ideal when access to the cable end is not available.Made from the same materials as WCSF-N tubing, NJRT and NWRT tapes are intended to repair cable jacket damage and replace non-qualified tape on single conductor in-line splices on Class IE circuits subject to accident conditions.

NHVT – High Voltage Termination
This product provides a system for terminating and sealing all types of medium voltage (5-15 kV) cables. The NHVT termination has been tested for use on Class IE circuits requiring a 40-year life with 50 MRAD integrated radiation dose.

NMCK8 – Motor Connection Kit 8 kV

The NMCK8 kits are designed to insulate and seal connections in Class IE medium voltage motors. They are available in an in-line configuration, as well as stubs and "Y's". The NHVT kits are available to terminate any shield field cables prior to installation of the NMCK8.

BBIT-N / HVBT-RN – Bus Insulation Products
BBIT-N is a heavy wall bus insulation tubing for use on straight or bent bars where maximum clearance reduction is required. Rated to ANSI/IEEE C37.20-1987 for 15 kV applications and has been tested for Class 1E insulated connectors in HELB conditions.

HVBT-RN is a sealant-coated, general purpose tape used to insulate straight and bent bus bars in retrofit applications where tubing cannot be used. HVBT-RN is a commercial grade product as defined in 10 CFR part 2 1.3.

NTBR – Wire Insulating Kits
Designed to insulate and environmentally seal Class 1E wires that are relatively small (0.05" to 0.15" using WCSF 050-3/1 up to WCSF-1 15-9/3). These kits are type tested to LOCA environments and comply with all applicable requirements of IEEE 323 and IEEE 383.

NMCK8 – Motor Connector Kit 8 kV
NMCK8 – Motor Connector Kit 8 kV
BBIT-N / HVBT-RN Bus Insulation Products
BBIT-N / HVBT-RN Bus Insulation Products
NTBR - Kit for Insulating and Environmentally Sealing Wires
NTBR - Kit for Insulating and Environmentally Sealing Wires