Raptor Cover

Raptor Protection Covers

TE's Raychem BCIC Raptor Covers prevent harmful raptor interaction on MV distribution lines.

In today's world, it's inevitable that nature and technology will collide. TE's extensively tested, rugged and easily installed overhead protection solutions keep these interactions benign. BCIC Raptor insulating covers have been successfully eliminating outages from all types of animals for years. This hot-stickable distribution cover is designed to prevent raptor-caused outages on medium voltage distribution lines. The main cover fits pin, horizontal and deadend type insulator applications. The newly designed BCAC extension arm nest over vibration dampers without any interferences, and interlock over the raptor cover. This modular design provides the ability to extend coverage beyond a single arm with its integrated locking system.

  1. Raptor Cover System Webinar (English)

Steve Parker discusses the new Raptor Cover System arm extension in the recent Webinar held on June 9th, 2016.

BCIC Raptor Covers were designed over 30 years ago using TE's Raychem cross-linked polymeric material. Today it continues to provide the same great protection with enhanced features. The cover is a bi-material design that allows for hot-sticking installations, and will cover up to 10 feet on conductor sizes #6 to 795 kcmil, when one cover and two arms are installed. The main cover and extension arms both have built-in rigid clips and provide a reliable mechanical hold. The flexible cover allows conductors to exit from the insulator at angles up to 30° from any axis: all without having to trim the cover.

BCAC Raptor Arm Extension has been redesigned for better retention in high winds with it's new enhanced locking system.  Made of the same cross-linked material, the BCAC arm extension is also UV and track resistant. Compatible with all TE Raychem Raptor Covers, the arm extension is an open bottom design and is easily installed with a hot-stick.

BCIC-G-PIN-795-01 PIN/CT style raptor cover for vertical clamp style insulators.
BCIC-G-HZ-795-01 Horizontal style raptor cover for horizontal insulator.
BCIC-G-PIN-556-01 PIN style raptor cover for ANSI PIN style and line post insulators.
BCAC-G-ARM-01 New enhanced locking system provides better retention in high winds.
BCIC Raptor Cover and BCAC Arm Installation