Drawing on our experience

Our HarnWare computer-aided design package offers users a database of over 100,000 TE products for them to produce high-quality wiring harness assembly drawings, parts lists and wiring schematics.

New and improved design tools. The new version of TE‘s popular HarnWare harness design software has been re-engineered using the latest Microsoft programming tools to offer improvements in performance and an enhanced user interface. New product ranges now include several thousand standard military connectors. The HarnWare software design wizard also has an updated appearance and includes hyperlinks to relevant product information. 

Rapidly Introduce the Harness into Production

A complete HarnWare design contains all the information required to manufacture the harness and, if required, HarnWare can output a list of CoPs along with a separate list of Materials and Equipment that are relevant to the parts contained in the harness. Armed with this information, a production engineer can rapidly introduce the harness into production. 

Virtual Prototypes

The HarnVis 3D harness design visualization system offers automatic generation of to-scale 3D models of wiring harnesses and components. These 3D models provide “virtual prototypes” of harnesses allowing the user to see the harness with lengths, diameters and parts shown to-scale. By simply clicking on a part, the user can access such data as part numbers, materials, finishes, adhesives, etc. These “virtual prototypes” reduce the potential for errors. 3D models of harnesses and of many TE parts can be exported from the HarnVis system in the form of IGES files for use in other CAD systems.

HarnWare Software
HarnWare Software

Training Courses

TE offers a number of harness assembly training courses with modules devoted to components used in each step in the process, including laying wires, shrinking tubing and molded parts, adapter and connector termination. Each process has an associated assembly instruction, known as a Code of Practice (CoP).

Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
Is a HarnWare software demo version available to trial? Not at this time - please click on the relevant video links on this page to view HarnWare software capabilities.
Can we arrange for a TE salesperson or distributor to call? Please use the Email Us link above to connect with our sales team.
What is the cost of training? Please use the Email Us link above for further information on costs.
Where does training take place? For further information on training venues, please use the Email Us link above.
How is the HarnWare software license activated? HarnWare software is activated by a unique electronic key file which is valid for 1 year.  A 60 day warning is automatically generated when the license is due to expire.
Does TE manufacture harness cable assemblies in-house? Yes.  Please use the Email Us link above for further information and support.


  • Materials and equipment listing
  • Updated Codes of Practice (COP) listing
  • Extended user parts library editable by users
  • Improved export of parts listing
  • Data import option from Microsoft Excel software


  • Promotes a systems approach for choosing components, materials, and adhesives
  • Designs and quotations produced up to 20 times faster
  • More cost-effective designs
  • More detailed and accurate design with the use of preferred parts