Raychem, heat shrink

The Power of a Name

For almost 60 years TE's Raychem products has been synonymous with reliability in extreme environments and conditions. This family of products has been a global leader in material science, engineering, and manufacturing.

TE's Raychem, originally located in Menlo Park, California, was the first company to develop products using the new area of science called "radiation chemistry". The founder, electrical engineer Paul Cook discovered the process of cross-linking would allow the material to be heated, expanded and cooled, and then be reheated to its original size for superior insulation and protection. Resulting in the introduction of heat shrink tubing. A multitude of Raychem products were engineered and produced and have performed in the field for 30 years and counting. 

Heat Shrink Tubing
Among TE's many offerings in the Raychem family of products is our line of heat shrink tubing.
Raychem Testing
Inside TE's testing facility.
Paul Cook
Paul Cook, TE's Raychem founder.
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