Raychem, heat shrink

The Power of a Name

Raychem is synonymous with reliability in extreme environments and conditions. Our products are developed for customers globally with strong advancements in technology, aggressive research, and development efforts.

Founded in 1957 by electrical engineer Paul Cook, the Raychem family of products has been a global leader in material science, engineering, and manufacturing for more than 60 years.  Leaders in cross-linking technology, the Raychem product line provides high levels of service, quality, and decades of experience, with products that continue to perform in the field for 30 years and counting. Our customers appreciate knowing that the products they install will work even in the harshest environments and come with a high level of technical service to meet existing needs.

Raychem, originally located in Menlo Park, California, was the first company to develop products using the new area of science called "radiation chemistry". The founder, Paul Cook discovered that this process of crosslinking would allow the material to be heated, expanded and cooled, and then be reheated to it's original size for superior insulation and protection. The results became the introduction of heat shrink tubing. A multitude of products were then developed and produced to serve some of the worlds largest industries like, aerospace, automotive, construction, utilities, medical, and telecommunications.

Heat Shrink Tubing
Among TE's many offerings in the Raychem family of products in our line of heat shrink tubing.
Raychem Testing
Inside TE's testing facility.
Paul Cook
TE's Raychem family of products was founded by an electrical engineer.