Pluggable I/O Cable Assemblies

Pluggable I/O Cable Assemblies

Supporting the latest high-speed standards, TE’s high speed pluggable I/O copper cable assemblies are engineered for 25 Gbps and beyond.

TE offers an array of cable products. Supporting the latest high-speed standards, our copper cable assemblies are engineered for 25 Gbps and beyond. Custom cabling solutions are also offered. TE also provides the corresponding pluggable I/O cages and connectors.  


Our cable assemblies come as fine as 33AWG


Our QSFP28 assemblies offer 25G per channel


Aggregate data rate of internal Mini-SAS HD

QSFP28 Passive Copper Cable Assemblies

Copper Paired to Perfection

TE’s latest high-speed copper cable assembly – QSFP28 – is at the forefront of next-generation connectivity, providing aggregate speeds of 100 Gbps. Featuring eight differential copper pairs, this cable assemblies provides four data transmission channels at speeds up to 28Gbps per channel, and meets 100G Ethernet (4x25Gbps) and InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements. 

QSFP28 Copper Cable Assebmlies
QSFP28 copper cable assebmlies

Featured Products:


Internal Mini-SAS HD

Flexible, High Speed Cable Assembly Design

TE’s internal Mini-SAS HD cable assembly offers system designers with a high speed connection packaged in an extremely flexible, small design. Performing at 12 Gbps per lane at four lanes, the product transfers data at a total rate of 48 Gbps. Paired with our internal Mini-SAS HD receptacle, the connector can drive higher aggregate data rates of 192G.

Internal Mini-SAS HD Cable Assemblies
Internal Mini-SAS HD cable assemblies

QSFP+ Fine Wire 33AWG Cable Assemblies

TE has expanded the QSFP+ cable assembly product family to include options that solve a number of data communication cabling issues. In addition to the standard 30, 28 and 26AWG QSFP+ 10 Gbps TurboTwin product offering, TE offers QSFP+ assemblies with fine wire TurboTwin 33AWG 8-pair cable. This fine wire bulk cable satisfies the need for ultra-thin, light
weight and highly flexible passive cabling solutions in high density intra-rack applications.

QSFP+ 33AWG Cable Assembly