Magnet Wire Machines & Equipment

Functionality, production uniformity, reliability, high performance, and unmatched support services have made us a leader in magnet wire termination. Our line of machines are designed specifically for terminating magnet wire pigtail splices, MAG-MATE products, Crimpband, among others. Many TE machines offer automatic precision adjustment functionality (CQM).

MAG-MATE and AMPLIVAR splices and terminals are available in a wide range of configurations to meet most magnet-wire termination needs. All provide high reliability with minimal wire preparation. TE Connectivity (TE) offers a wide variety of magnet-wire termination solutions for thru splicing, pigtail splicing and coil termination.

  1. Magnet Wire Machines (English)

We offer a variety of Magnet Wire machines including machines for MAG-MATE termination and AMPLIVAR pigtail splices. This video features the MPT-5 and the APT-5A Magnet Wire machines.