Model 105 (M105) Tunnel Oven

Model 105 Tunnel Oven

The Model 105 (M105) tunnel oven is a reliable, versatile process heater that provides a controlled process for a wide variety of heat-shrinkable products.

This is an integrated modular unit. Assemblies placed on the mesh conveyor belt are transported through the heating chamber, across a bank of cooling fans then discharged from the rear of the conveyor. The M105 tunnel oven has two upper heating chamber height positions, 54mm [2.11"] and 98mm [3.86"]. The position is adjusted by removing the pivot pins and relocating them in the bearing stands. The upper chamber is cantilevered to permit processing of assemblies that require only a portion of the assembly to pass through the heat zone. The upper chamber is equipped with adjustable heat shields to maximize the oven heating efficiency for various applications. The M105 tunnel oven has two stamped foil heating elements that are manufactured to a strict wattage specification. Consistent temperatures (ambient to 500˚C) are controlled by a thermocouple embedded into the upper heating element.

  1. Model 105 Tunnel Oven (English)

Watch a demonstration of the Model 105 (M105) tunnel oven. The Model 105 tunnel oven machine is a reliable, versatile process heater that provides a controlled process for a wide variety of heat shrinkable products.

Tubing Sizes

Diameter and Length
  • Tubing diameter (max) - up to 76.2 mm [3.0 in]
  • Tubing length (max) - 356 mm [14 in] perpendicular to belt travel, unlimited length parallel to belt travel


70% wire mesh open with non-stick coating option


Up to 5 ft per minute


Up to 700°C ambient temperature

  1. Tubing Sealing (English)

Tubing Sealing

  • Tubing Protection (English)

  • Single Wall Installation (English)

  • Dual Wall Installation (English)


CE Approved, Alarm Lights
  • Closed-loop speed and temperature control
  • Continuous controlled process
  • Adaptable for different applications
  • CE approved for worldwide use
  • Heater operation and over-temperature alarm lights 


  • RAYCHEM heat shrink tubing
  • Single-wall heat shrink tubing
  • Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing