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Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. Composite or porcelain housings with different creepage lengths are available covering the most common and also extreme pollution levels. The installation of the termination can be done by trained installer equipped with conventional tools. The termination is designed according to the following standards:IEC-60840, IEC-62067, IEC-60815, IEEE-48, IEEE-1313.The cable lug is suitable for all common conductors made of aluminum or copper. The flexible double sealing system is installer-friendly and ensures permanent protection against environmental influences of the topassembly. A heat-shrinkable polymeric tube containing oil-resistant sealant encapsulates the connector barrel and the polymeric insulation transition. The pressure-tight composite housing is made of a glass fiber reinforced (GFR) resin tube with silicone rubber sheds molded to the tube. The interface between stress cone, cable insulation and inner housing will be filled from the top with silicone oil. No prior heating of silicone oil required.

Key Features

• Pressure-tight and light weight composite housing
• Prefabricated and factory tested silicone rubber stress cone
• No special tools required to install the termination
• Silicone oil filling without preheating
• Isolated base plate for sectionalization
• Fittings made of corrosion-resistant alloy
• Type tested according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067 standards


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

  • Technology  Cold Applied

  • Cable Shield Style  Laminated Aluminum (Foil), Wire Copper

  • Insulation  XLPE/EPR

  • Mechanical Connectors Included  Yes

Configuration Features

  • Number of Cores  1

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage Class (kV) ≤ 72


  • Cross-Section Range 95 – 2500 mm² [ 3/0 – 5000 AWG/kcmil ]

  • Creepage Distance 2164 – 3089 mm [ 85.197 – 121.614 in ]

  • Insulation Diameter 34 – 97 mm [ 1.33 – 3.82 in ]

  • Sheath Outside Diameter 110 mm [ 4.33 in ]

Usage Conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range (°C) -55 – 55


  • Application Type  Outdoor

Industry Standards

  • Design Specification  IEC 60815, IEC 60840

Product Availability

  • Product Availability  EMEA

  • Minimum Order Quantity  1

Packaging Features

  • Minimum Packaging Unit  1

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