Power and Signal


Power & Signal

Innovative low voltage solutions for traction, power and signal distribution that meet capacity and speed demands while complying with the latest market requirements.

Power applications are allocated throughout the train roof and underfloor, including power converters/inverters as well as power storage and miscellaneous distributed sub systems. Quick replacement and low maintenance of widely distributed equipment, whilst reducing space, weight and energy consumption to increase passenger comfort, requires sophisticated solutions. Operators throughout the world are demanding more productivity, efficiency and availability from their rolling stock fleet. Our modular concept is a solution to the standardisation of sub systems while fulfilling individual requirements. Due to the wide range of operating environments, IP65 – IP69 protection class components can be crucial for a robust and reliable system. Our wide range of power applications and on-board equipment working on several power levels include couplers, batteries, cabinets, converters/inverters and car to car solutions. 


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