Topside Communication & Controls


Withstand the Hazards of Offshore

At TE we want to help you solve your toughest challenges for deeper and more stringent applications.

TE's Raychem Materials Science delivers a lighter, smaller solution for Topside control applications – Less is more TE’s C-Lite 105 and C-Lite 90 cables use advanced insulation and jacket material technology to reduce the size and weight of cables — without reducing the electrical or mechanical properties of the cable. Our C-Lite solution typically offers a cable that is 30% smaller and lighter than traditional cables. This allows more densely populated installations on cable trays designed for traditional cable products and in new designs with deck space and footprint becoming more important allows for the use of smaller cable trays. Offered in two jacket options, one rated to 120°C with an SHF2 /NEK606 compliant insulation system for use work areas and an SHF-1 jacketed solution for use in non-work areas. The C-Lite cable family is available in three base configurations, standard, armored and fire resistant, with all three families offered utilising flame retardant jackets which generate low smoke, and have a low toxicity index and reduced corrosive gas emissions in the event of a fire. 

C-Lite Cables are Approved Internationally for Maritime Use

  • American Bureau of Shipping (USA)
  • Bureau Veritas (France)
  • China Classification Society (China)
  • Det Norske Veritas (Norway)
  • Germanischer Lloyd (Germany)
  • Korean Register (Korea)
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japan)
  • Russian Register of Shipping (Russia)

* Lloyds Register approval on a project-by-project basis