High Volume Medical Assemblies


High Volume Medical Assemblies

Optimized solutions for high-volume design and manufacturing of control circuits, disposable cable assemblies, and electronics ID and communication.

Single-use components, assemblies, and subassemblies help you simplify production and manage costs.  The TE team will use design for assembly, design for automation, and design for cost tools to help you minimize the challenges of high-volume production. Our engineers are responsive to your needs, and help design and optimize metal and plastic single-use products for the volume production that meets your demand—saving time and cost. Our production methods can scale from low to high volume, while maintaining design control continuity. From disposable medical cables and connectors to precision stamped and plated components and more, our single-use products are high-performing, lightweight, and designed for ergonomics. Our engineers help you design simplicity and reliability into your single-use product. 

Benefits: High Volume Medical Assemblies

Integrated Design and Lab Tested
  • Vertically integrated design, stamping, plating, molding, and assembly
  • Designed to be easily manufactured
  • Full test lab to verify product design effectiveness for your design history file

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Overview video on TE's sensor solutions for medical applications.