Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly


Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly

TE’s best in class technology for cables, connectors, cable assembly, tubing and injection molding.

TE is your engineering partner with expertise in high speed cable and interconnect design, molding and materials, sterilization, and fine dimensioned shafts and tubing. We have proven solutions for video endoscopy, surgical power tools, and electrosurgical and robotics applications. With more than 30 years experience in custom cable, interconnect, and shaft design and manufacturing, we have the knowledge and experience to shorten your development time and reduce development risk for the most demanding surgical applications. Our materials experts will advise you on the best approach for your product to design a cable assembly that will withstand the rigors of sterilization, while maintaining the ergonomics necessary for ease of use in the operating theater. Our design engineers will leverage their surgical product design expertise to meet your most demanding performance requirements. We routinely provide solutions to meet HDMI levels of video performance. And our global manufacturing footprint provides cost effective production volumes on demand to your location. TE’s best in class technology for cables, connectors, cable assembly, tubing and injection molding technology combined with our more than 30 years of experience in surgical product development makes us the ideal partner for your most challenging product designs. We solve problems others can’t.

Benefits: Reusable Surgical Cable Assembly

High Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Resistance
  • Ability to design products that can withstand high pressures, humidity, and variable temperatures, while keeping the signal integrity and avoiding moisture ingress
  • Extensive knowledge in material science to partner with customers to meet their specifications for sterilization and biocompatibility
  • In-house testing for autoclave, automatic washer, and others
  • Design that’s flexible with your needs, combining high performance, light weight, and ergonomics
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