High Energy Therapeutic Cable Assembly



Assemblies that help meet the challenging electrical and environmental requirements of Defibrillation, Neuro Stimulation, Sleep Apnea, and Ablation therapies.

Therapeutic cable assemblies are reusable, robust, able to deliver high voltage and current, simple to clean, and simple to use. Our experience in designing and manufacturing high-energy assemblies can assist you in meeting the challenging electrical performance and environmental requirements for your therapeutic applications. As experts in molding, cable and interconnect design, we can provide custom solutions for your therapeutic device. Whether you are facing a complex or simple design challenge, our engineers will provide an innovative solution to meet your product requirements. Our expertise in high-energy assemblies allows us to design for manufacturability, while also designing for biocompatibility, high voltage, and flexibility requirements. We will partner with you to custom design cost-effective, high-quality cable and interconnects for defibrillation, neuro stimulation, sleep apnea, or other therapeutic applications. Therapeutic connectors, cables, and assemblies utilize our expertise in mold technology and material selection and are designed for reliability through multiple mate and de-mate cycles, exposure to chemicals and other harsh realities of the hospital, clinical, and home environments.

Benefits: High Energy Therapeutic Cable Assembly

Customizable Design
  • Engineering expertise, innovation, and quality
  • Customized solutions to solve your unique challenges
  • Global reach and responsiveness
  • Large-scale production capacity and flexibility to manage high-volume and product mixes
  • Able to manufacture finished molded assemblies and subassemblies, or make just the electronic components to support your medical applications

Product Compliance

RoHS, REACH, EC53, and IEC
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • EC53 Compliant
  • IEC 60601 Compliant