Braided & Coiled Catheter Shafts



Our engineers leverage manufacturing and materials science expertise to develop braided, coiled and steerable catheter shafts to suit each customer's needs.

TE Medical design experts work closely with you from concept through production. Customer specifications typically require a balance between column strength, flexibility, kink resistance and torque response in the thinnest wall possible. Our experts work with you to understand your needs, leveraging their extensive experience and using proprietary processes to provide thin walled, braided and coiled catheters ranging from 1.5F to 28F.

TE Capabilities

  • Braid – OD from 2F to 26F
  • Single wall thickness down to 0.005″, Coil – OD from 1.5F to 28F
  • Single wall thickness down to 0.003″, Outer jacket – polyamide
  • PEBA & urethane, custom blends
  • Wire: 

    -- Flat, round and ribbon, nitinol, stainless steel, aramid & fabric

    -- Wire diameters from 0.0005” to 0.010”

  • Liners: 

    -- Fluoropolymer: PTFE, FEP, eFEP, eTEP, PVDF, PFA custom liners 

    -- Thermoplastic: Polyamide, PEBA, PU, PE

    -- Others: Polyimide, PEEK 

  • Marker Bands: Platinum, gold, radiopaque polymers 
  • Secondary Operations: Bonding, porting, tapering, funneling, curving and tipping