Laurent Royer HVCS product manager
I really enjoy interacting with customers worldwide to enhance performance, reliability and longevity of power connectivity in high and ultra high voltage substations.

Laurent Royer specializes in Global Engineering and Product Management for High Voltage Connector Systems (HVCS), with a strong background in high and ultra high voltage (UHV) substation applications, AC & DC up to 1200 kV.
Laurent is a member of CIGRE, an international, non-profit association for large electrical systems. This organization promotes collaboration with experts globally, in an effort to share knowledge and join forces to improve electrical power systems.


What is a current industry challenge that TE engineers are working on a new product solution to meet?

We are developing high power connectivity systems to contribute to the increase of longevity of a substations infrastructure and improve the reliability of the transmission grid.

To meet this challenge, we have developed new products like SIMABUS connectors, based on more than 60 years of experience on the global transmission market.

The key drivers are to increase the transfer capacity in existing substations to extend lifetime of high voltage infrastructures through safe and maintenance free products.   


What has been your favorite/most interesting project that you are working on?

Through my years with TE, I've enjoyed participating in the development of an ultra high voltage substation in India at 765 kV and 1200 kV, and working with customers on project layouts that optimize the connection systems. It has been a valuable experience for me.


What inspires you? How do you approach tough problems?

Customers's satisfaction inspires me on a daily basis.

Customers often come to us with a defined connectivity problem, which cannot be solved with conventional products. Specific environments like heavy-duty current, high corrosive or seismic condition require specific design to customer’s solutions.

Our approach is to listen first, evaluate the situation, and then make a proposal based on practical examples, or product applications, that have field proven reliability. In addition, we have a digital approach and we validate the proposed solution by Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation which brings a lot of value to our customers.

Where customers have a problem, there is a solution!