Juan Darritchon
The mining industry demands heavy duty products that withstand extreme conditions. Working on addressing application challenges is the number one priority.

TE is working, together with other manufacturers, to develop a standard for medium and high voltage couplers for the North American mining industry. Juan Darritchon who started with TE as a Raychem employee in 1992, was an applications engineer for five years then transitioned to sales for the next five years. He currently works as a sales manager and business development manager for the mining market.


What are the biggest challenges TE customers face?

In the mining industry, mineral values are constantly changing and it makes it difficult to remain profitable in the price cycle.


What industry trends are you most excited about?

Automated operations. TE's long term strategy with focus in harsh environment connectivity and sensors is in line with key mining trends.


Who has made the biggest impact on who you are today?

Twenty-five years ago, when I joined Raychem Chile as an applications engineer, I was very fortunate to meet and train under a gentleman who had 50 years of experience working with cables. He is still a senior consultant for TE Energy in Argentina and he has been the best mentor and friend I have ever had in my professional career.