Low Voltage Heat Shrink Case Study

Case Study

Optimizing and stabilizing network performance

TE Connectivity customized low voltage heat shrink joints and splices solution and field support had a great impact on the network performance of a nation.

The Challenge

Lack of Appropriate Installation Technology

Connecting a 6-core Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cable (LV ABC) to a 2-core and a 4-core underground feeder must be made with LV HS Joints and Splices that relied upon crimping technology. 

Crimp connectors required appropriate compression tooling and dies to connect various conductor cross sections, shapes and materials. Nevertheless this equipment is not always readily available to local installers. As the result of this lack of tooling the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) low voltage network was facing incorrect installations, failures and unsafe connections. 

The Solution

Tailor Made LV HS Joints and Splices

TE’s shear bolt connector technology was the right solution to solve the Congolese electrical network’s challenge. TE engineers decided to go one step further to evaluate the local cable constructions. They determined that the best solution would be to develop a customized kit with LV HS Joints and Splices that perfectly met the National Utility’s needs and local requirements.


local jointers and local installers trained


failures since local installer training completed

"We really appreciate TE engineers taking the time to go the extra mile and not only finding the best product."

The Outcome

Stabilizing and Optimizing Network Performance

TE's Low Voltage Heat Shrink Joints and Splices with shear bolt connector technology is the preferred products for LV HS joint installations in the Congolese region. 

More than bringing a tailor made solution to the National Utility, TE has been a technical partner that made the difference in stabilizing and optimizing the network performance.