Nick Langston
At the intersection of fashion and technology, TE is connecting in a way that will delight our consumer.

According to Nick Langston, Jr. wearables are one expression of the Internet of Things. "You take power, sensing capability, and data, and turn that into insight for humans to consume. That’s the future, and it is getting closer every day—literally." In Silicon Valley, Nick believes TE is positioned perfectly to innovate this future for TE consumers. "We’re surrounded by startups for nearly every major wearables manufacturer and local start-up accelerators."


Estimated millions of wearable devices shipped in 2014


Projected millions of wearable units to ship in 2018


Projected increase in shipments of wearable devices 2014-2018


Why did you choose to join TE?

TE gave me the opportunity to essentially launch a wearables startup within a large company that provided infrastructure and resources, in a perfect location. And the people I work with are incredibly intelligent! I joke that I am surprised TE let me in the organization, but I am glad they did. 


What do you enjoy most about your current role?

The opportunities can be groundbreaking—imagine bringing fashion and hardware together in a way that is pleasing to the consumer. Wearables give us the chance to change the way we interact with information—no more searching for the data you want: the device will anticipate what you need and bring it to you when you need it. 


Which personal traits are essential for today’s engineering challenges?

Collaboration and innovation are key. Each week, our engineers meet for “Innovation Hours.” We brainstorm about the types of products people want and what kind of connectivity we need to deliver. Periodically, I schedule experts to come in and speak on pertinent topics, to feed the team with new ideas. 


You mentioned alliances with local start-up “accelerators.” Would you tell us more?

You are probably familiar with incubators for software innovations, where venture capitalists provide funding, a place to work, and access to experts. With wearable devices, innovators build their prototype, then seek a company to build it or help them organize and execute on their design faster and better, and get it to market. That is an accelerator. 


Why should consumers be excited about TE’s Wearable Technologies lab?

Right now, wearables are more fad than fashion. At some point in the future, people are going to get tired of hearing about them. After this “trough” in the cycle, the production of wearables will mature, and we plan to be there to help our current and future customers deliver product to their customers. 

It is exhilarating to work with other innovators, and to help them connect their unique vision to the marketplace of wearable devices.
Nick Langston, Jr.,
Sr. Manager of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
Connecting TE Customers to Their Vision