Mike Lockyer, Director Product Management, External Interconnects
Our presence in developed and developing markets helps us respond very quickly to customer needs in both design and manufacturing.

Trained as an engineer, self-directed, and competitive by nature (as evidenced by his choice of fitness regime), Mike Lockyer’s career path has offered him just what he likes: the opportunity to control his own destiny, learn non-stop, and dig deep to uncover the critical needs of his customers. Mike manages a global team of product managers who handle external connectors for laptops, tablets, smartphones, high definition TVs and set top boxes, audio/visual devices, and more.


What was the catalyst that brought you to TE?

My education and first full-time employment was electronic engineering-related with a small company. Later I worked in sales and marketing for small connector manufacturer. In 1995, TE offered me the opportunity to build on my sales experience and enjoy the innovation and support of a large, global manufacturer of connectors. 


What makes you and your team stand out?

The differentiating value we offer to our customers comes from innovation and thought leadership. We develop new products to address the challenges faced by our customers, looking beyond the obvious to find solutions that will not only bring value to them today, but solve future problems they have not yet anticipated. 


What are the primary challenges your customers face?

Miniaturization, higher data rates, and increasing power are key technology drivers in this industry. One of the reasons I joined TE—the resources offered by a large company—directly benefit our customers: the company invests $675 million every year in research and development. My team makes that Research and Development funding work for our customers! 


What present trends have the potential of influencing external interconnects?

As a consumer, the number of cables I have to carry around is crazy. I expect to see more standardization, especially with USB Type-C, and wireless charging and contactless data. Our research has helped resolved some of the key challenges faced by our customers around wireless charging solutions that fit within the platform of today’s wearable devices. Very soon, we’ll launch our first wireless charging development kits to help customers with this evolution. 


What types of problems most challenge you to think differently?

We have to keep innovating so we can address our customers' future challenges and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our biggest challenge is predicting our customer’s future challenges before they happen, and actually, that’s one of the most exciting aspects of the product management role. 


What was a recent customer collaboration you can share that was “brilliant”?

Our high speed I/O product was initially developed as an advanced technology platform for a customer who gave us a problem to solve. In addition to helping to build a stronger relationship with the customer, we felt the research would lead to a future application. The “bet” has paid off, particularly in new customer opportunities. 


Tell me about the benefits of cross-functional collaboration.

It’s VERY beneficial to our customers, and the most important aspect is knowing when and who to reach out to help solve customer challenges. A recent collaboration netted a product development that integrates an external cable solution with circuit protection. ‘Two heads are better than one,’ as they say, and so is one component that works better than two! 

Traits essential for today’s challenges? Adaptability, patience, innovation, accountability, courage, trust, teamwork, honesty, and integrity.
Mike Lockyer,
Director, Product Management Consumer Cable Assemblies
Mike Lockyer, Director, Product Management Consumer Cable Assemblies

Fit in Body and Mind

Mike's Athletic Profile

When Mike isn't building his team and his business relationships, he's building his social community and physical and mental fitness. He enjoys a strength and conditioning program that promotes fitness for all ages and body types and encourages everyone who is making the effort to improve. "During a workout, the last person to finish often gets the biggest cheer. I like that approach. It feels good and encourages me to try even harder." After only a couple years in the program, a few of Mike's stats below show how serious he is about success:


Clean and Jerk weight (242.5 lbs)


Number of Regulation Pull-Ups


Deadlift weight (456 lbs)