1.18mm anti-buckling, push-pull micro-sim connector

Case Study

Super Slim SIM

The global proliferation of smartphones and the fast launch cycle of new models saw more consumers looking for a single SIM card solution for smartphones, with different SIM card size requirements.


A solution adopted by many mobile device manufacturers is the nano-SIM card adapter. At the same time, newer smartphones are using a downsized nano-SIM card connectors to reduce PCB space. The reduction of the size of the SIM connector and the increased use of the nano-SIM card adapters raised a technical issue involving contact buckling. 

Contact buckling may occur with push-pull micro-SIM connectors during the insertion or removal of the nano-SIM card adapter. The tugging and pushing of the adapter often causes the edges to hit against the micro-SIM connector tip leading to the deformation, or in extreme cases, dysfunction of the connector tip. 


With the advantage of our close proximity to customers’ facilities in many locations, including Asia, we have developed solutions that address technical issues and customer needs and allow our customers to respond to changes within the market. In some cases, our engineers have demonstrated the capability to develop a concept and create a first prototype within three to four days, with that same prototype being put into mass-production within the next week. 


Concept Development

One example is the 1.18 mm anti-buckling SIM connector featuring a gradual-slope connector tip design that minimizes the buckling of the nano-SIM card and potential damage to the connector tip during the insertion or removal of the SIM card. 

With this new product, the height of the connector was reduced from 1.24mm to 1.18mm, making it the lowest-height connector in our entire SIM connector product line, and one of the lowest in the market. 

Our design exceeds industry standards.
Masaki Shoji,
Product Manager


The Anti-Buckling SIM

Other product benefits include:

  • Greater versatility in device sizing with the choice of six or eight positions
  • Further PCB space savings due to the integration of the card detect switch onto the connector
  • Better damage protection with the use of a feature to prevent incorrect insertion
  1. SIM that is Super Slim (English)

Our micro SIM push-push connector offers an innovative design, with an extensive line of SIM card connectors.


Our design provides technical advantages over our competitors’ offerings. Furthermore, this design exceeds current industry standards and is widely recognized by most customers as a more effective solution. 

Since its launch, our product has been adopted as a platform component by a leading Chinese smartphone OEM, in part because we proactively designed and speedily presented a solution that outperformed others. We were appointed as the sole supplier at that time for their key growing smartphone models.