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Wireless Wearable Solutions

The next era of computing will be worn. Glasses, shirts, jewelry: They will all do amazing things in the realm of insight and personal metrics - and look good doing it.


Beyond changing our lives, wearables are impacting many industries and have raised the bar for quality and experience in consumer devices. Wearables involve new requirements for components in terms of miniaturization, rugged design, aesthetics, sensor integration, and more. The small form factor in particular presents a challenge to companies trying to put all components together in a smaller, slimmer, and smarter wearable device. 

In the meantime, companies have started integrating metal to create fashionable pieces that look and feel like typical watches and jewelry. While bumping wearables into the realm of fashionable accessories, metallic housings block wireless signals (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or other radio signals), creating a new challenge for device manufacturers.


At TE, we have always been on the forefront in offering innovative solutions for our customers. We launched our wearables team based in Silicon Valley in 2013 to undertake research and development of technologies and grow of the wearable ecosystem. One advancement of particular interest to wearables customers is our printed antennas using three-dimensional ink direct structuring (3D IDS). With 3D IDS technology, we can

  • Print antenna patterns on standard substrates
  • Be creative about the placement of the antennas
  • Print the antenna on the product and free-up precious space
  • Attain ecological benefits and cost savings during manufacturing


To solve signal blockage from metallic housings, we provide custom antenna solutions for metal rings and metal covers. In addition to direct printing onto the wearable, the team is developing a transparent, almost invisible antenna solution for future wearables.

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Wearable Results

We are committed to providing advanced antenna solutions in different shapes and sizes that can be tailored-made for any wearables. We have also started design projects with companies who are eager to use our solutions for wearables, specifically within the activities tracker and smart watch product categories.