power engine


Power generation

Our products help our customers to get the best of their machines in terms of energy transmission to the competition level.

Racing cars produce heat and vibration to levels that raise the eyebrows of our road-car colleagues!  So how do we go about making reliable solutions for our racing customers? Making parts smaller and lighter aids performance of a race vehicle, but understanding the dynamics of the vehicle and being trusted to solve performance and reliability challenges are what sets TE Connectivity’s Autosport teams apart from the rest of the motorsport industry. We want to be there making winning products and providing technical know-how to the world of racing for many years to come. As race teams can’t predict their updates (or how many times their vehicles will need spares because of accident damage), we need to be ready to support them as the need arises. We need to be able to ship parts around the world, as teams need them, so we developed a dedicated network of motorsport specific suppliers to meet this need.


Autosport is an arena that compiles harsh environment conditions - speed, temperature, oil and dust , vibrations, pressure. TE's DEUTSCH AS connectors help racecar teams face those extreme conditions.