LITESURF Plating Technology


LITESURF Plating Technology

TE Connectivity has developed a green, Sn-free, Bismuth (Bi)-based plating technology to provide electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive tin-whisker prevention solution.

How can automotive manufacturers safely reduce the risk of metallic whisker growth?

TE Connectivity’s LITESURF is a lean plating finish for press-fit pins. Instead of tin (Sn) this plating consists of bismuth (Bi), a non-hazardous heavy metal, which reduces the risk associated with metallic growth by a factor of over 1,600. LITESURF confirms that TE’s Press-Fit technology offers fast, economical and highly reliable manufacturing with true automotive grade robustness and virtually no risk from metallic whiskers.

In comparison to tin based plating solutions, research has proven that our bismuth based LITESURF plating reduces the whisker growth by a factor greater than 1,600X