Jim Connors
I believe every major platform change driving new technologies brings a new opportunity. Adapting to what we need to be prepared for over the next several years is key.

Jim Connors, Director of Field Engineering for Appliances, partners with his customers to provide them with product and application solutions. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork within the Appliances Business Unit and across different TE business segments to enhance the overall customer experience. In the 1980s, Jim was an Electronics Packaging Engineer designing military products for a customer of AMP Incorporated. AMP was acquired by TE in 1999. While working on joint projects, he was drawn to TE’s company culture, innovation, and overall expertise. Now with TE for over 28 years, Jim guides the Appliances business by providing internal and external customer support by making the customer the focal point of his team. He states, “Putting intense focus on customer experiences gives us the opportunity to bring the voice of the customer to the front and center of our organization."


What do you enjoy most about working at TE?

I enjoy customer interactions, application challenges and teaming with customers and the various team members within TE to find innovative solutions. After working with a major appliances OEM for over 10 years, I became immersed in engineering, purchasing, plants and operations. This was a challenging, yet highly rewarding learning experience. 


What is your management style and underlying business strategy in your current role?

Teamwork is the key to success. Our charter with Appliances is to find solutions across product lines and competency areas of expertise and to offer well-rounded support for our Field Sales technical teams. The strategy is to focus on the next design platform, ensuring we have the solutions needed for the markets, industries and customers we serve. 


What concepts and ideas excite you?

The recent addition of sensors products to the TE portfolio is an exciting development. Many of the Appliance applications today use some form of sensor and require an interconnect solution. Also, as the Connected Home area of Appliances continues to evolve, it’s exciting to find new solutions that bring value to the consumer. 


Where should we focus our attention to build our customer relationships?

Historically, TE’s company culture has been dedicated to customer satisfaction. Today, with a renewed focus on enhancing the customer experience, we’re bringing this focus to the next level throughout the organization. The “need for speed” is the market driver today. We know that the first to market with innovation for the end-consumer has the advantage. 


Where can you see the state of the Appliance market in the next year or two?

I believe we are beginning to see the future. It’s defined by customer consolidations, a heavy focus on products that can be utilized across multiple platforms, shorter design cycles and an increase in new platform and refresh launches. We’re continuing our energy-efficiency focus for new platform opportunities and are intensifying our “Smart Appliance” activities. 

We know that the first to market with innovations for the end-consumer is the winner.
Jim Connors,
Director of Field Engineering