Features and Advantages

Standard Pitch FPC Connectors

Q: Is there a pitch requirement for your interconnect need?
A: TE offers FPC products from 0.25mm to 1.25mm centerline spacing.


Q: Is your application in a high vibration environment?
A: ZIF version FPC interconnects have a greater retention force and are suitable for high vibration applications.


Q: Do you have a need for a higher number of mating cycles?
A: ZIF version FPC interconnects allow for a greater number of mating cycles via the use of an actuator.


Q: In your application, when the flex cable meets the board-mounted connectors, will the flex cable contact pads be face up or face down?
A: If face down, use bottom contact versions. If face up, use top contact versions.

Features and Advantages

Fine Pitch FPC Connectors

Q: What position sizes can TE provide?

A: We offer odd-numbered position sizes only. Apart from the position sizes listed in the product matrix, we will also be able to provide 11P to 71P sizes in our 0.3mm pitch series and 11P to 61P sizes in our 0.25mm pitch series found in this quick reference guide.


Q: What is the advantage of angled, flexible printed circuit insertion?
A: Being able to insert and mate the flexible printed circuit into the connector at an angle makes it possible to mount the FPC connector anywhere on your PCB, as there is much less clearance needed in front of the connector during mating and unmating.


Q: What type of packaging is used for Fine Pitch FPC products?
A: All items are sold in embossed tape and reel packaging. However, packaging quantities may be different depending on the size and position count of the product.


Q: What is the minimum height of this product series?
A: Among the items within this guide, 0.9mm is the lowest height.


Q: What is the biggest differentiator of TE’s FPC connector series?
A: According to our research, our FPC connectors offer the same product function in one of the smallest form factors on the market. Our product also offers a distinct click lock and a larger vacuum pick-up area.