Responsibility in our Products

Our Products

Partnering with our customers to co-create solutions that address today and tomorrow’s greatest connectivity challenges

TE’s connectivity and sensor solutions enable smart factories, medical devices, connected homes and the development of safer and smarter cars. In doing so, we create a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.

Additional Patents

TE creates innovative processes and solutions to help power our customers’ businesses while reducing our impact on the environment. We work side-byside with our customers to cocreate solutions for the future, embedding our engineers in their businesses and ensuring we can anticipate the demands of the evolving industries we serve. We also ensure that our products reflect TE’s research, innovation and the highest standard of service our customers have come to expect from TE.

TE continues to seek out new ways of connecting with our customers and staying close to hubs of innovation. This includes forging new collaborations in research and development and co-creating with key customers to advance technology roadmaps in the many different industry sectors we serve.