TE Corporate Responsibility Report

Message from Tom Lynch, CEO

"As a company that enables connectivity, we understand the importance of our links to the environment, our people, and the places where we do business. Corporate responsibility is an important part of our strategy to deliver the best results to all our stakeholders: our employees, shareholders, customers, and communities."

Let's build a better world together. TE Connectivity is a world leader in technology and innovation. Not only are we innovating to make the world’s products smarter, safer, greener and more connected; we’re also innovating ways to lead in sustainability, community and other measures of corporate responsibility. Turning problems into solutions is just one way we can make the world a better place.

It takes more than strong performance to build a great company. Leaders embrace an unwavering commitment to embodying core values when serving their customers. At TE, we demonstrate – each day – our commitment to our standards of ethical excellence. It also requires an unwavering commitment to the core values of TE. We are committed to conducting our business in responsible ways that provide an advantage to our employees, customers, and shareholders by making a sustainable and positive impact in our communities.

It is important that we focus our corporate responsibility efforts on those issues where we can have the greatest impact. For this reason, we undertook a materiality analysis to identify the corporate responsibility issues of greatest significance to both TE and to the broader communities in which we operate. 


We demand our employees meet rigorous levels of individual and corporate integrity. To ensure we safeguard company assets, we are committed to diversity, fairness, respect, trust, compliance, and sustainable operations, innovation, and business.


We honor the commitments we make, and we take personal responsibility for all actions and results. We create an operating discipline of conscious improvement that is an integral part of our culture.


We foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, results through teamwork, and open and effective communication and interaction. We define leadership excellence by four attributes: teach, inspire, empower, and promote workplace participation and career development. 


We recognize that enabling others to envision new ideas is the foundation of our business. Each day, we challenge ourselves to excel: Develop new solutions, improve existing concepts, and demonstrate thought leadership in the global marketplace. Our leadership encourages, expects, and values creativity. Our employees demonstrate an enthusiastic openness to fresh approaches for improving performance and productivity.

CEO Tom Lynch Discusses TE's Values (English)

CEO Tom Lynch Discusses TE's Values


How we ensure compliance with local, national and international regulations, adhere to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and corporate governance, and manage our corporate responsibility program.


How we implement management systems and practices to reduce key environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, waste and hazardous substances, and water use.


How we develop innovative products that help our customers address the world’s greatest challenges

Supply Chain

How we require and promote high standards for labor, health and safety, environmental, and ethics in our supply chain.


How we strive towards a healthy and injury-free workplace, promote high standards of employee wellness and engagement, invest in employee talent and realize the benefits that arise from a global and diverse workforce.


How we contribute to the communities where we work and live, including philanthropy, employee volunteerism, and engagement on issues of local concern.

TE Connectivity joins over 8,000 companies and other stakeholders from more than 145 countries as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), further reinforcing the company's commitment to corporate responsibility and ethical business practices around the world. We have also been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2012.