Hall Sensor T40MC2

Automotive, Truck, Bus & Off-Road Sensors

Data-driven technology to measure position, pressure, speed, temperature, humidity and fluid quality.

TE is committed to making vehicles safer, greener and more connected. To transport passengers safely and efficiently, vehicles need data. Today’s vehicles can sense and respond to changing conditions, inside and out. TE sensors help provide the data for control, adaptation and response of vehicle functions that increase safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Our technology is an integral part of many modern nervous systems in vehicles. TE sensors are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, often on a custom basis. Together with our customers, we are working to solve today’s biggest application challenges in new and creative ways. 

Single Coil Resolver (SCR) Sensor
Position Sensor| Single Coil Resolver (SCR) for electric motors for EV and HEV cars.
Multi-Coil Resolver (MCR) Sensor
Position Sensor | Multi-Coil Resolver (MCR) sensor measuring rotor position of E-motor.
Position Sensor | PLCD-15M measures travel or angle position.
Speed Sensor
Position Sensor | Speed Sensor measures gear speed.
H2TG / H2TD Series
Humidity Sensor | H2TG /H2TD series used in anti-fogging and HVACR.
Temperature Sensor | Ni1000SOT RTD sensor for engine oil and transmission oil temperature.
Pressure Sensor | U86B urea pressure for vehicle engine control.
Radial Leaded Thermistors
Temperature Sensor | Radial leaded thermistors for ambient air temperature monitoring.
Dual Clutch Position Sensors
Position Sensor | Dual clutch sensor measures position of shift rails / forks (linear) and shift lever selector (angular).
Hall Sensor T40MC2
Position Sensor | Hall Sensor T40MC2 measures travel position.
EGR Actuator Sensor
Position Sensor | EGR actuator measures piston position of pneumatic cylinder.
Turbocharger Pneumatic Actuator Position Sensor
Position Sensor | Turbocharger pneumatic actuator sensor (truck).
Mass Air Flow
Mass Air Flow Sensor | Air intake flow in engine management applications.
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor | Ni1000SOT RTD sensor for engine oil temperature.
Fluid Property Sensor
Fluid Property Sensor | DEF Level Quality sensors for in-tank urea quality, level, heating and temperature assembly.
Trican HTD2800
Humidity Sensor | Trican HTD2800 digital humidity sensor with temperature and pressure outputs for engine monitoring.

Safer, Greener, Smarter and More Connected Vehicles (English)

TE's Marcus Schulte describes how we work with our customers to help limit vehicle emissions. One example is a sensor we created to measure the quality and concentration of urea in systems that reduce the amount of greenhouse gases created by diesel engines.