Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI


TE Connectivity´s full line of Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI are engineered to meet critical technical customer challenges through an optimized product range and smart design.

TE provides advanced switchgear connect technology with a broad portfolio of screened separable connectors for medium voltage networks that have been designed to answer technical challenges. Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI are easy to install, compact and can adapt to almost any type of cable. This allows them to fit in the smallest connection spaces and meet the requirements of a wide array of applications. Made of a specialized liquid silicone, RSTI connectors were built to perform under environmental extremes. Their unique design was created with our customers in mind, allowing the onsite testing of the cable without disconnecting the product. In addition, RSTI connectors can be combined with sensors to prevent failures on the grid. As a trusted technical partner, we work with our customers to provide customized solutions and end-to-end support, reducing project management time with local language assistance, onsite training and installation supervision.


  • Range-taking connectors support a wide range of applications, cable types and sizes
  • Silicone material provides reliable performance in extreme conditions and simplifies installation
  • Oversheath testing without disconnecting the product
  • Easy installation without any special tools 
  • Maintenance-free and no shelf life requirements


  • A single partner for advanced switchgear connect technology 
  • Reduced installation time and errors
  • Reduced number of products to cover all applications needed 
  • One of the most compact screened separable connectors available  


Number of TE´s separable connectors in use worldwide


RSTI connectors are used in one of the world´s largest offshore wind farms


Number of TE´s engineers providing end-to-end local language technical support

RSTI Full Line of Products and Accessories

Designed to Meet Highly Customized Needs
  • RSTI screened separable connectors and coupling connectors up to 42 kV
  • RSTI screened separable surge arrestors providing excellent protection against overvoltage
  • Accessories for onsite testing and maintenance including test points 
  • Sensor technology allowing online monitoring for intelligent grids
Raychem screened separable connectors RSTI
RSTI screened separable connector
RSTI screened coupling connector up to 42 kV
RSTI screened coupling connector
RSTI screened separable connector with surge arrestor
RSTI screened separable surge arrestor