Express Mini Card Sockets and Display Mini Card Sockets

Mini PCI Express and Mini SATA Connectors

Our express mini card sockets and display mini card sockets address interconnect requirements for expansion cards.

The cards are added on boards across server, desktop, consumer devices, and notebook platforms. The product portfolio consists of right angle, surface mount sockets with 52 contacts (for express mini card) or 76 contacts (for display mini card). Latches are available for selected heights. The design meets the PCI-SIG industry standard for high speed data transmission.


Number of contacts for the express mini card


Number of contacts for the display mini card

Features: Card Sockets

Designed for Strength and Stability
  • Express mini card sockets are available in heights from 10.6mm to 9.9mm
  • Capable of withstanding 50G mechanical shock testing
  • Contact manufacturing method creates a contact with more stable normal force than other methods
  • Connectors meet PCI-SIG industry standard
Wireless Communications Equipment
Wireless communications equipment


Desktop and Mobile Devices
  • Notebook
  • Desktop
  • Wireless communication equipment
Mini PCI Express Card
Mini PCI express card
Mini PCI Express Card Fully Inserted
Mini PCI express card fully inserted

Frequently Asked Questions

Mini PCI Express and mSATA Connectors

Question Answer
Will express mini card connectors replace existing mini PCI connectors? The trend will be to move toward express mini card, but mini PCI will still be used for some time.
Is a latch required when using this connector? TE does offer latches for the 4mm and 7mm connectors, but many customers manufacture their own standoffs.
When would I use the display mini card (DMC) connector instead of the express mini card? If you need a wireless display option, your would use the DMC connector.