Button Battery Holder

Low Profile Button Battery Holders

Our compact and low-profile, surface mount battery holder is 2.5mm high, 6.7mm wide and 10.6mm deep. The battery can easily be pushed into the holder from the top.

As the production of cellular devices grows, we should not overlook the process to install button batteries.  Including TE's button batter holder in the button battery assembly process can offer significant production efficiency. Both ML 616 (diameter: 6.8mm, height: 1.6mm) and ML 614 (diameter: 6.8mm, height: 1.4mm) are available for automatic mounting machines. When the battery level is depleted, the battery can easily be removed from the holder to avoid further environmental contamination.


Low profile




Battery Holders

Cell phones and other cellular devices


Efficient, Easy to Use, Compact
  • Efficient: Helps improve the button battery assembly process
  • Easy to use: Push into the holder from the top
  • Compact: 6.7mm x 10.6mm