SIM 50C IDC Semi-Automatic Machine

SIM 50C IDC Machine

The SIM 50C IDC Machine is a semi-automatic machine designed for small to medium quantities and applies TE AMP multifitting Mark II connectors.

Compact machine for AMP multifitting Mark II connectors. Designed as a compact semi-automatic machine for small to medium volumes, the SIM 50C is equipped with all necessary functions for spec-compliant processing of AMP multifitting Mark II connectors. The machine separates the foremost connectors from the manually inlaid chains, cuts the latches and positions the connectors for termination with hand-held wires. After each wires are pressed into the IDC slot the machine checks the wire insertion length, abscises the covers from the connectors and places them into the housings, cuts the coding-ribs in accordance with the input coding and provides the finished contacted and processed connectors in the out-feed for manual removal by the operator.


  • Connector feeding-sheet up to 2 chained connector-chains
  • Connector separating and latch cutting
  • Single wire termination
  • Wire insertion length checking
  • Cover closing
  • Key cutting
  • Out-feed
  • 4" color touch screen for harness data-input
  • Software with multiple language selection
  • LED-signal-lamp
  • Connector-dummies and removal tool
  • Safety device fulfilling CE regulation


TE IDC RAST Connectors
  • AMP multifitting Mark II