OCEAN Applicators

Consistent Quality Terminations

TE applicators are available for a vast variety of terminals from TE and other manufacturers. Manufactured from high grade tool steels, and processed through advanced CNC equipment for tight tolerances, our applicators are made for high repeatability and fast throughput.

The OCEAN Applicator Series - With the knowledge and experience of over a half century designing and manufacturing applicators and tooling, TE Connectivity (TE) is taking terminal crimping to a new level. Using the time proven HDM applicator platforms as a base and the innovation and improvements from the system III applicator, TE is taking a large step forward. TE has listened to customer input and market demands to innovate and improve the combined strength of these industry leading designs to create the latest OCEAN applicator. The lead and harness industry of today is more price and quality competitive than ever before. Crimping standards continue to be raised to higher levels of quality and repeatability. The industry continues to expect more from application tooling.


Improved ram/housing alignement


Faster set-up and adjustment times


Customer reported tooling life increase

OCEAN Applicator Overview (English)

Our OCEAN Applicator is designed so that all feed options are interchangeable with the common base applicator. The pneumatic and mechanical feed options have been completely redesigned. This video will take you through an overview of the OCEAN Applicator features.

Spare Tooling

Spare Tooling: Chrome plating, specialized materials, precision tolerances, and mirrored surface finishes yield up to a 30 % customer reported increase in tooling life.


Did you know that most lead-makers are only producing leads 60% of the time due largely because of the time it takes to switch applicators.

Mechanical Feed OCEAN Applicator
OCEAN Applicator - Mechanical Feed
Pneumatic Feed OCEAN Applicator
OCEAN Applicator - Pneumatic Feed
Servo Feed OCEAN Applicator
OCEAN Applicator - Servo Feed
Pacific Style OCEAN Applicator
OCEAN Applicator - Pacific Version

Mechanical Feed

OCEAN Applicator

The TE mechanical feed design keeps the roller and cam in constant contact for a smooth transition through each feed cycle to offer superior feeding performance. During the development of this new feed mechanism several different designs from the industry were evaluated, along with the HDM mechanical feed mechanism.

During this analysis it was discovered that all of the designs had an existing condition. This existing condition presented a major concern in the performance of mechanical feed designs. The roller (cam follower) that tracks the cam for the feed cycle to start and finish actually leaves the cam surface at the end of the cycle. It does not fully track the gradual slope of the cam.

The result is an instantaneous terminal acceleration in the next feed cycle, produced by the sudden contact of the cam follower with the cam. This causes the terminal to be thrown forward instantly and not brought up to speed gradually as is preferred. This violent acceleration can lead to feed inaccuracy.

Pneumatic Feed

OCEAN Applicator

The pneumatic cylinder was specially designed to be double acting with constant air pressure. This provides the ability to adjust the speed of actuation.

The terminal positioning speed can be reduced to improve the repeatability of terminal placement. The pneumatic cylinder was specially designed to be double acting with constant air pressure. This provides the ability to adjust the speed of actuation. The terminal positioning speed can be reduced to improve the repeatability of terminal placement.

Improvements in the pneumatic feed provide flexibility and fine adjustment increments for a higher level of crimp precision. Quick and simple adjustments can be made since the forward terminal positioning and back stroke adjustment are independent of one another.

The forward terminal location can be adjusted in very fine 0.04mm increments for precise terminal positioning in the crimp area. The back stroke is also incremental at 0.08mm steps.

Servo Feed

OCEAN Applicator

The data module built into the Servo Feed Applicator stores the personality of the applicator, its identity, and the terminals it can crimp. It also contains all crimping parameters for system confirmation, including saving data on the previous run for easy access the next time the applicator is used.

Data is transmitted through a simple contact for processing in the terminator and the system computer. There is no separate cable or connector, just the contact that completes the circuit when the applicator is snapped into place. In the Servo Feed Applicator, the feed function is completely independent of the ram stroke. The limitations of the mechanical linkage are gone.

Also gone are manual adjustment every time terminal spacing varies or feed errors arise, as well as the errors that rob machine uptime and reduce productivity. With a servo motor and ball screw drive system, the feed is controlled by commands from the terminator. The feed detaches from the crimp mechanism with a simple, tool-less latch. When the job changes, you only change the applicator; the servo feeder remains.

The servo feed is so versatile and precise, with the push of a button the terminal is advanced or retracted by 0.03mm. The changes are then saved in the iButton data module.