OCEAN 2.0 Applicators

Consistent Quality Terminations

Our applicators are designed to crimp a vast variety of terminals from TE and other manufacturers. Crafted from high grade tool steels and processed through advanced CNC equipment for tight tolerances, our applicators are made for high repeatability and fast throughput. We have also listened to customer input and market demands to innovate and improve the popular OCEAN applicator to be more robust, faster to install/adjust and even more accurate. Building on the knowledge and experience of more than a half century designing and manufacturing applicators and tooling—TE is taking terminal crimping to a new level with the new OCEAN 2.0 applicator.


Improved ram/housing alignement


Faster set-up and adjustment times


Customer reported tooling life increase

OCEAN 2.0 Applicator

Features and Benefits

  • Wire crimp height adjustment—prevents more than 360° of adjustment to help minimize errors; able to adjust crimp height at 1° increments
  • Easy-to-access screws for faster applicator set-up and adjustments
  • Pinned base-plate design to help prevent misalignment
  • Protective black nitride coating on select components
  • Relocated forward-facing screws for faster/easier access to make adjustments without removing applicator from some machines
OCEAN 2.0 Applicator
  1. OCEAN 2.0 Video (English)

Introducing the new OCEAN 2.0 Applicator from TE Connectivity. Watch this informative video to learn how TE has redesigned their popular OCEAN applicator series to be more reliable, faster to install and easier to use.

Two Terminal Feed Options  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mechanical Feed

Pneumatic Feed

Mechanical Feed

The cam/follower design produces repeatable feed in the industry. Independent forward/backward adjustment.

Standard Features

  • Significantly improved repeatability
  • Same feed module for side feed and end feed
  • Single tool adjustments
  • Infinite micro feed adjustment increments 1 revolution = 0.7 mm



  • Precise and repeatable terminal position over the anvil
  • Independent forward and back stroke adjustment
  • 50% faster adjustments compared to HDI/HDM

Pneumatic Feed

Independent forward/backward adjustments, independent flow controls, repeatable feed.

Standard Features

  • Single tool or tool-less adjustments
  • Same feed module for side feed and end feed
  • Independent forward & back adjustments
  • Micro feed adjusted incrementally with steps 0.04mm forward terminal position
  • Maximum feed length: 48.25 mm



  • Independent forward and back stroke adjustment
  • Adjustable speed actuation
  • Self actuating 
  • Single or tool-less adjustment 
  • Single piece piston and rod assembly
  • Internal exhaust valves 

Two Ram Interface Styles  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Atlantic-Style: used in America and Europe

Pacific-Style: used in the Pacific region

  1. How To Find The Right Tool For Your Terminal - Applicator (English)

This video gives you an instruction about how to use TE.COM to search the right tools for your terminals. Applicator searching is illustrated in this video as an example.

Spare Tooling

Chrome plating, specialized materials, precision tolerances and mirrored surface finishes yield up to a 30% customer-reported increase in tooling life.


Did you know that most leadmakers are only producing leads 60% of the time due largely to the time it takes to switch applicators.