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Find the tools and resources you need to learn about, sell, promote and stock TE products.

TE Channel Vision

To collaborate with our distributor partners on TE’s global distribution vision, strategy and business initiatives by aligning our goals to drive faster growth and better serve our mutual customers through the delivery of unsurpassed service and value.

  1. Explore our Mobile Digital Toolkit (English)

TE Connectivity’s Digital Toolkit from iPresent is a mobile sales tool designed to make it easy for TE and distributor sales reps to quickly and easily access TE resources. This video provides you with an overview of this tool as well as walks you through how to use it.

  1. TE Learning Connection 2.0 (English)

Through the improved TELC, now called TELC 2.0, you have access to a wealth of engaging resources, like our micro learning product courses, TE Town, our mobile learning game, the TE Solutions app, face-to-face training sessions, and translated content that supports our global audience. These tools make it easier than ever to grow your sales and Get Trained, Get Equipped, and Get Recognized.