Offshore Station



TE Connectivity (TE)'s Raychem products are proven to withstand the harshest environmental extremes. The perfect answer for all your shipbuilding and offshore power installations.

With the development of shipbuilding and offshore manufacturing technology, more and more large-scale and complex power systems will be required on ship and offshore platforms. Reliability in harsh environments is the biggest challenge and weakness of these power systems - making customers very concerned about power connections and long operating life. They will insist on stable solutions that optimize the power system design. Our mission is to support you in answering your biggest challenges: more reliable connections, easier installation and operation, better environmental tolerance, environment and operator safety, and stronger support and service capability.

  1. Shipbuilding and Offshore Campaign (English)

Whether it is business environment or the actual weather environment, TE understands the challenges customers are facing and their requirements. TE provides full product solution to help customers overcome every challenge.