Vitaliy Epshteyn
We partner with customers to identify opportunities, advance product innovation, reduce costs and improve patient care.

TE is unique in that most of our medical products are custom. This requires considerable collaboration throughout the design and development process to achieve an optimal solution to our customers’ needs. Our customers begin the conversation early in the process with a design or engineering goal in mind. Our engineers are then able to collaborate with our customers and involve them in the process every step of the way. Our sales team also works with our customers to integrate ideas and innovations with their engineers. With more than 18 years of experience, Vitaliy has seen the impact engineering has made in improving the medical device industry. “A nice benefit medical engineers have is that their work helps people and can even save lives.”


Why did you become an engineer?

My family has a history of education and work experience in technical fields. My grandmother and mother are both PhD chemists and my father is a Civil Engineer. I enjoy building products, processes and high performing teams. It’s highly rewarding to me to witness successful outcomes on development projects where my team was involved. I enjoy coming up with innovative ideas and solutions for medical customers that help save lives.


How did you become interested in the Medical field?

As a chemical engineer I had some interesting industry experience with engineered polymers and processes to create different shapes from challenging polymers. This experience led me to be recruited by a medical OEM, St. Jude Medical, to design products and processes to produce polymer based catheter devices. As I progressively grew and obtained additional experience, I was given an opportunity to lead Research and Development engineering teams.


What made you want to work for TE?

TE is a great company that invests significant resources into Research and Development. It’s growth is driven by new product introductions, so it’s a great place to work as an engineering leader. TE Medical specifically brings great opportunities to innovate as requirements for products continue to be more demanding. There are macrotrends to miniaturize devices while enhancing functionality. TE has great technologies to facilitate this trend for our OEM customers. Furthermore, effective collaboration with other business units and corporate technologies provide bandwidths of capabilities that are unmatched by other competitors.


What are some recent projects you have been working on?

One project is integrated catheter technology, which provides unique ways to embed hundreds of electric wires into the wall of a catheter tube the size of a human hair. Another is video endoscopy products, which require interconnects capable of high speed data transfer while still being lightweight, flexible and able to withstand harsh sterilization environments. 


What do you feel sets TE apart from the competition?

Our depth of knowledge in an application. That allows us to optimize designs and develop unique technical capabilities. Also our nimbleness; we anticipate needs while also streamlining processes. Both of these things allow us to quickly respond with a robust solution when a customer has a challenging problem and tight timeline.


What do you see as a future trend in the medical device field?

Medical devices are becoming progressively less invasive and more sophisticated from a performance standpoint. They save lives every day. The medical device industry brings continous challenges to engineers and technologists to innovate and think outside-the-box. It’s easy to feel good about the work day when it’s over, knowing that what you do helps people. 


What’s the biggest story about TE you would like to share?

Customer collaboration; particulary within the medical device field. The conversation starts early with a design or engineering goal in mind. We connect our engineers with our customer’s engineers and our team is included in each part of the process. There is a continuous dialogue with customers to identify opportunities and the needs of customers from a product perspective.