Mauro Buscemi
With nanotechnology, we can improve materials and supersede the limits of the current technology.

Early on, whenever Mauro had something to repair or to construct from scratch, he was always able to use what he had close by and rebuilt it into something useful. Although he cannot specifically identify the exact moment when he realized that he wanted to work in Engineering he always knew he was the kind of person who never stops questioning things and improving himself.

Integrity is based on Respect and to be respectful of customer expectations implies to be accountable and to provide an innovative product.


What latest innovation in the science and engineering field do you see having the biggest impact on the world over the next 10 years?

I think that nanotechnology integrated in wearables devices and medical environments will surely breakthrough in people´s mind quite easily. The possibility to heal wounds or remove cancer cells acting on a cellular level will set the new era for a minimally invasive surgery, disease´s detection, diagnosis and the correct and prompt therapy definition. Moreover, nanotechnology provides the means to study biological structures at cellular level: it will be possible to understand and foresee mechanisms that are unknown today. TE is one of the leaders in sensor technology worldwide, and our future is in the Internet of things and smart devices. With nanotechnology, we can improve materials and supersede the limits of the current technology. Maybe even Graphene will finally have its real applications, if somebody finds a way to turn it off in electronic devices.


What is the single biggest achievement of your career?

Participating at TE’s thought leadership event TEchCon 2015 in Shanghai, although I was just a new hire. This great event gave me the possibility to meet in person clever engineers coming from different regions of the world and learn more about the state-of-the art of TE technology worldwide, thanks to their “Interactive Forums” and “Meet the Expert” sessions. Here I would like to thank our CTO Rob Shaddock for his great idea to modify the selection system for TEchCon to open the convention up to the broader organization. However, the time and energies invested let me participate in this event and challenge my capabilities with people more experienced than me. This was a very big achievement in my career, regardless of the fact that I won the competition.


What engineer do you admire, and what are his best known for?

Leonardo da Vinci represents the engineer character that I admire, and I cannot hide that this choice comes from my Italian origin. In him, I can see the harmonic mix of creativity and mathematical genius that should be inside each engineer. In his overarching knowledge based on observation and experiments, he was painter, musician, architect, anatomist, designer, inventor, engineer and more. Able to project a futuristic multilevel city, invented different devices similar to the current bicycle, helicopter and flying machines, a car moved with a spring mechanism and an industrial system to use solar energy by means of concave mirrors to heat water. Considering that he lived in the 15th century, when people derided Leonardo to have had the pioneering idea that a man could fly, I wonder what a genius like him could have done today by means of a single computer. Oh, right! I forgot to mention that he invented the first mechanical calculator…


When did you first realize that you wanted to work in engineering, and why?

As I remember, each time I had something to repair or to construct from scratch, I was always able to use what I had in my hand and rebuilt it into something useful. I cannot say to know the exact moment when I realized I wanted to work in Engineering. However, I know why. I am the kind of person who never stops to improve himself.


What would you do if you were not an engineer?

A doctor, an Engineer of the human body. As Engineer, I study mechanisms and understand concepts combining them into products useful for many. A doctor studies the most complex machine known: ourselves. No matter how hard the way to find the cure might be, he challenges himself day by day for a noble purpose. I am quite fascinated and impressed from the results reached in Medicine thanks to modern technology, for this reason I have no doubts in this field of science.


How do the TE Values of accountability, integrity, teamwork, and innovation shape how you approach engineering problems and your work with customers?

Integrity is based on Respect and to be respectful of customer expectations implies to be accountable and to provide an innovative product. Of course, this is possible only with an effective teamwork. Nobody knows everything, but in team, we gain the capabilities, passions and experiences of many altogether!


What has been the most gratifying accomplishment or significant lesson that you have learned on a project? How did this evolve?

As personal behavior, I always try to do the right thing the first time. The possibility to apply my natural behavior in developing a product let me think that at the end of the day my time and the time of the people I work with was not wasted. Actually, there is no single accomplishment that gratified me the most because each time I learn something and I succeed in my task I know that this is the best way to work.


What types of engineering problems challenge you to think differently about your work?

Working in TE means combining Electronics and Mechanics and connecting these two world is quite challenging. Currently my mindset is of an Electronic Engineer and I am learning as much as I can on Mechanics: of course, now I have to think differently! Even if it takes a big amount of efforts to connect these two worlds, it is quite interesting to see the results and be able to challenge at a higher level.