Energy Steve Parker
I like to take the challenges that customers have, and work with the Wildlife and Asset Protection team to solve them.

Steve Parker began his career at TE Connectivity’s (TE) AMP in 1982 as a sales representative covering four states. Though the progression of his career he transitioned to an executive account manager and strategic product specialist focusing on design centers and subcontractors. As part of AMP’s management training program he also worked as a product management / manufacturing team lead before transitioning back into sales. Once joining the energy team, Steve began educating customers on wildlife and asset protection and how essential it is to protect the electrical equipment to avoid power outages due to wildlife. As the business development manager, he works directly with customers, assessing their needs and working with the design team to development products that best accommodate the customers requirements.


Which Wildlife Protection trends are expected to having the most long-term impact for utilities?

While overhead work continues at a steady pace, I think the focus will continue to shift toward substations. Everyone is concerned about system reliability and a good substation  strategy can provide that and protect expensive assets at the same time.


Which engineering problems challenge you to think differently about your work?

The challenge of animal mitigation is the great variety of mother nature. Tactics used when protecting a substation from squirrels and raccoons are different from those used when combating turkey buzzards. Identifying defensive parameters based on the species of the foe can be quite difficult at times and keeps the work interesting.


What impact does our value of co-creation have in developing new ideas, products, and solutions?

The immense diversity in equipment and installation technique in the industry is amazing. Throw in the many changes in system architecture over the decades and you have product challenges galore. I like solving the puzzle and providing the customer with the best approach. Having the combination of TE's Raychem materials, excellent design engineering and a quick-turn prototype shop makes for smooth new product development.


What do you find most enjoyable/interesting in working for TE?

The asset protection / wildlife mitigation arena is never dull, as each opportunity has its own unique set of circumstances to contend with. I am fortunate to work in a team that enjoys that challenge as much as I do, always looking for the best solution and developing a new product if the current offering is up to the task. Travelling the country and working closely with customers keeps the job interesting and gratifying.