Carlos Riva
Customers have to be confident that we can support them in an emergency.

Carlos Riva has been with TE since 1999. He began his career as an applications engineer before becoming a sales engineer then transitioning into the sales manager for Peru and Bolivia. Through the years Carlos has developed a strong product knowledge portfolio and is currently a product manager for high voltage cable accessories.


What influenced your decision to become an engineer?

My father inspired me to pursue this career. As a boy, my father brought me to his electrical workshop where he repaired motors and panels. I enjoyed learing those things with him, and as a result was motivated to become a technical electrican and engineer.


What are your areas of expertise?

I acquired experience and expertise in low and medium voltage cable accessories over my career. In the last 5-6 years I have further developed my knowledge by adding high voltage cable accessories to my area of expertise.




What are your customers' biggest concerns?

Our customers' biggest concerns apart from quality, performance and delivery on time, is the support we can bring them. Before and after the sale they have to be confident they can count on us in an emergency or to simply to attend a call for a technical question. Not necessarily formal protocol, but a sort of partnership built by a strong relationship.