Alexander Eigner Manager High Voltage Cable Accessories
Designing and developing products that require a life cycle of 35 years or more makes my job very exciting because it requires attention to all the different aspects of engineering.

Alexander Eigner has more than 10 years' experience in the field of high voltage engineering. As an expert of high voltage and electrical power engineering as well as in design, development, and qualification of high voltage cable accessories, Alexander is active in various working groups such as CIGRE, IEC, DKE, and VDE. He also contributed to several technical articles published in specialized magazines.


What is a current industry challenge that TE engineers are working on a new product solution to meet?

The whole power transmission market is changing as the way of bringing power to people will be different in future compared to the last centuries. This results in lot of technical and commercial challenges for the involved high voltage products. Based on this challenge, we engineers need to make these products very reliable so that they will operate without any issue over the whole lifetime as power outages are not an option. 


What has been your favorite/most interesting project that you are working on?

The development of a complete new range of high voltage cable accessories right from scratch which fit on the todays requirements of our customers - which is by the way a never ending process.


What inspires you? How do you approach tough problems?

In case of tough problems it is always best to go back to the beginning and try to approach it step by step. We have the big advantage within engineering that the physical fundamentals are always the same and are a good starting point to sort out an issue. But another essential contribution for solving tough problems is to talk with different people as they often have a diverse view on the same problem and therefore a possible solution that I have never thought of before.