Underground Power Network

Critical components for efficient, high-performing high, medium and low voltage underground networks.

From conventional networks to underground residential distribution, the most innovative utilities partner with TE. Cable accessories are a critical backbone in today's complex underground power distribution networks. TE's Raychem cable accessories are designed to withstand environmental extremes over long operating lifetimes and offer easy installation, helping maintain service reliability in myriad underground applications.


TE's Raychem Low Voltage Cable Accessories are designed and fully tested to meet IEC, ANSI and IEEE standards and specific customer specifications. Each joint, termination or connection system covers a range of cable sizes, and is supplied complete with full installation instructions. As the major leader in heat shrink technology and also cold applied with insulation gels and pre-expanded and one of the largest cable accessory manufacturer, we support our products with customer training, service and technical assistance to meet and exceed the demands of the growing world of energy. With millions of installations throughout the world, TE's Raychem Low Voltage Cable Accessories are reliable and quicker to install than conventional systems.