Rugged Embedded Computing


Rugged Embedded Computing

Rugged High-Speed Solutions That Save Weight and Space.

Increase Power, Data and Bandwidth Speed Design with Open Architecture Solutions. Next-generation processors need next-generation connectivity to keep pace with the growing demand for bandwidth even as space, weight, and power savings become critical. TE Connectivity (TE) has been pushing the bandwidth envelope by adapting high-speed commercial technology and combining it with our expertise in rugged packaging. The results are board-level interconnects that give you more performance in harsh military and aerospace applications.  We are also reducing size through higher contact densities and supporting RF and optical interconnects at the board level. And to allow compact, high-speed box-to-box connectivity, we have a full range of I/O connectors supporting rates to 10 Gb/s.  We are meeting the demanding needs of battlespaces with ruggedized copper and fiber interconnect and cable assemblies.  And we are helping to protect systems with lightweight shielding and EMI-immune datapaths.  TE is focusing our technology to minimize size, weight and power consumption, to increase bandwidth, and to enable open architecture systems.  

VPX Compliant Solutions

As the latest standard architecture evolving from VMEbus, the VPX standard meets the
needs for data-intensive processing in the aerospace and defense industries, where both
ruggedness and high-speed performance are crucial. Supporting 6.25 Gb/s in a switched
fabric architecture, VPX systems are designed for flexible application of demanding highspeed protocols, such as 10G Ethernet, RapidIO, InfiniBand, and HyperTransport, in
ground, aerospace, and marine applications.

VPX table
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VPX systems are highly scalable and flexible, supporting both 3U and 6U formats to meet
the widest range of needs. The VPX backplane uses the TE 7-row MULTIGIG RT 2 connector
system to support both single-ended and differential signals.

Open Architecture

As a widely used standard, VPX promotes interoperability, a healthy choice of suppliers,
and economies of scale that result from higher board volumes.


Not only does VPX accommodate new technologies, it has expanded beyond  backplane/daughterboard signaling to embrace mezzanine application, power modules, and optical and RF connectivity—all with the goal of providing unmatched flexibility and capabilities for embedded computing.

High Speeds, Multimedia, Maximum Flexibility

TE’s portfolio of VPX systems gives you a complete array for high-speed data, optical, RF, power, and mezzanine connectivity. More choice means more flexibility in achieving
specific system architectures with standards based solutions. Get the high-speed signal
integrity advanced applications require in rugged, reliable connectors.

More Performance

for Land, Sea, Air, and Space

• Avionics and Vetronics

• Communications Hubs and Processing

• Electronic Warfare and Countermeasure Management

• Two-Level Maintenance and ESD Sensitive Applications

• Mobile and Fixed Satellite Terminals and Ground Base Stations

• Power Supply and Distribution

• Radar Interface and Processing – RF and Digital

• Sensor Array Hubs and Data Processing

• Vehicle Mission Computers and Navigation

• Weapons Control and Targeting

• Space