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Access Equipment

TE's access equipment solutions are designed to help overcome ever-increasing data and video demands.

TE has the interconnection technology to support broadband access equipment. We offer a broad range of product solutions for xDSL, CATV, fixed wireless and FTTH/FTTN/FTTB access equipment applications. Our backplane, board-to-board, I/O, power, and copper cable solutions help address the ever-increasing demands for data and video.


Keeping up with the demand for high quality video. Headend equipment for video service providers requires increasingly higher speeds and densities to keep up with video bandwidth and trends in broadband access. TE has the latest hardware for next generation headend equipment designs. Routers, cable modem termination system (CMTS), and other headend components need solutions that keep up with the latest data over cable service interface (DOCSIS) or Ethernet protocol over coax (EPoC) signaling trends. TE ensures your enterprise is up to speed.


Technology for yesterday, today and tomorrow. DSL access technology is the most widely used home access medium in the world today. Although the industry is trending toward FTTX, DSL continues to advance. Speeds of up to 1 Gb/s (G.fast) are realistically possible. TE provides all the interconnect technology necessary for DSL central office and remote terminal equipment including input/output (I/O), cabling, and board-to-board connectors.


TE supports fiber anywhere and everywhere. Known for its futureproof bandwidth, FTTX, which encompasses fiber to the home, node, or building, is the biggest trend in the access market. At the headend or central office, optical line terminal (OLT) equipment and remote optical network termination/optical network unit (ONT/ONU) equipment require high density and high speed to support industry trends. TE has the optical and electrical high speed interconnect technology for high density input/output (IO), optical, or high speed backplane interconnects.  

Bandwidth Speedometer

Fiber provides greater bandwidth for moving information quickly

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Typically, service provider profits increase after deploying FTTH

FTTH Deployment

The number of fiber-to-the-home subscribers globally to date