data acquisition


Understand how the car behaves

Our products help our customers to get the best of their machines in terms of data acquisition to the competition level.

Data is crucial to understand how to make a car go quicker. Understanding how the vehicle is performing and how it reacts to what the driver is telling it all adds up to the big picture of making it go faster. Data flows around the car, like the nervous system in a human body, and just like the human it needs to be reliable and streamlined to get the job done right. TE Connectivity’s connectors, wire and heatshrink products have been refined over the past 20 years to provide lightweight reliability just where teams need it most. Our products, supported by a dedicated network of distribution, win championships year after year at the highest level of motorsport and TE Connectivity will carry on the innovation and passion for the industry that has led us to our market leading position today. 


TE offers a wide range of Raychem high-performance wire and cable products that are designed to meet or exceed the most rigorous vehicle specifications.