Yuming Song
It gives me great satisfaction developing innovative new products and applications.

Yuming Song, Fellow Product Development Engineering for TE Appliances, draws on her science-oriented background to create innovative products that meet customers’ unmet needs. Yuming’s academic career spans nearly 10 years after obtaining her PhD. She then moved to the industrial environment where she was inspired to apply the scientific principles to real products for another 10 years. Working for TE since 2010 , she enjoys finding industry solutions. She credits her experience in applications research and an understanding of product manufacturing for her ability to find new and helpful solutions. Yuming enjoys developing new talent by reminding engineers not to limit their potential in the technology world and to be brave and take on new challenges.


What made you want to join TE Connectivity?

I was attracted to TE’s forward-thinking strategy when it comes to “smart” connectivity. I also appreciate the company’s commitment to investing in innovation that enables us to set up advanced development engineering.


Describe something about your work that you are passionate about.

I am inspired by new technology and innovation -- especially in connectivity and communication. I’m passionate about how the technology we develop helps make life better and more enjoyable.  


Describe something about TE that you would like to share with the TE community and our customers.

I find TE’s ability to communicate effectively to be very impressive. The integrated structure of our various functions around the world encourages active engagement and collaboration. I’m also impressed with its investment in developing growth opportunities while fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.  


How do you challenge yourself and the business to be innovative in response to the latest market and industry trends?

Innovating, by definition, means creating something new and different, so there is always a chance of failure during the development process. I like to encourage the team to embrace risk and learn from the failure. I work hard to establish an atmosphere where they have the opportunity and freedom to try new ideas and share opinions openly. The market and industry are changing and becoming more fast paced. I challenge the team to experiment faster and take action quickly to respond to market needs.  


What do you believe will be the new wave of smart products for Appliances?

I foresee more energy-saving smart products with sensing functions and solutions that enable communication between appliances and end users. Also products using versatile user-interface methods, such as gesture, sound, facial recognition, and remote monitoring, as well as DIY and built-to-order products that meet individual needs for convenience and safety.  

I’m passionate about how the technology we develop helps make life better and more enjoyable.
Yuming Song,
Fellow Product Development Engineering


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