Katherine Shank
We bring solutions to our customers.

Katherine Shank, Sr. Quality Manager for TE Appliances, has always enjoyed new challenges. After graduating from college, Kathy joined TE’s Plastics Manufacturing Rotation program, which provided exposure to six different assignments over 27 months. Kathy was attracted to the variety offered by that program – and TE generally. “The continuous professional growth opportunities made me want to work at TE,” she said.

To bolster her role in TE Appliances, and to keep current on market trends, Kathy has been involved in professional organizations such as the Society of Plasitics Engineers and the American Society for Quality, or ASQ. Kathy also participates in internal training programs and networking events, and is currently Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee of the Harrisburg Chapter of Americas WIN.


What accomplishments at TE are you most proud of?

I take pride in the overall high quality that Appliances has demonstrated. According to customer surveys, customer care, field support and quality rank at the top. We achieved 20% year over year quality improvement last year. I credit our application of quality tools such as Six Sigma and Kaizan events along with employee development and mentoring as playing an important role in our success. 


What motivates you?

Diversity and opportunity. Diversity from the perspective of working with other cultures and countries, and opportunity as in professional growth.

At TE, I’ve spent much of my career in manufacturing engineering, product engineering, and quality engineering, but I have also been able to work in diverse positions such as demand management and development of engineering training curriculum.


What inspired you to become an engineer?

I loved high school chemistry class, which led me to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. I’ve always enjoyed the challenges of math and science, particularly when applied. Technical knowledge and critical problem solving are my strengths. After seeking advice from my dad, I realized the engineering field would be a great fit. Today, I’m still attracted to job functions that bridge manufacturing and customer service, particularly in a global environment. 


Consumers want products that save them time and money. What is your team doing to make that happen?

The perfect product is one that meets the needs of our customers, arrives on time, and achieves their cost targets.

First we identify a need. We ensure that our process results in a quality part, and we proactively anticipate or address any issues that may arise.


How do you prepare a winning solution based on market trends?

TE Appliances products need to meet demands for safety and reliability. For example, many of our products are UL-94, CSA recognized, a qualification for products going into consumers’ homes. To ensure that our products operate effectively we also assist matching products to applications based on customers' specific requirements. 

The perfect product is one that meets the needs of our customers, arrives on time, and achieves their cost targets.
Katherine Shank,
Sr. Quality Manager